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** NOTE: The Domesday Book will continue in its current e-zine form for one more issue, #5, then in January will move to a monthly newsletter format, which will still accept submissions, but the guidelines and procedures will change - watch for details on these changes as we post them in the coming weeks.
Send submissions (following all guidelines below) to:

Guidelines and Information on Submitting to
The Domesday Book

Please adhere to the following guidelines for any submission to Domesday:

1) Do not plagiarize anything

2) send complete manuscripts - not nearly-complete or serial projects: if we like it, we will serialize as space and desire warrants

3) make your material either as "neutral" as possible (i.e. non-specific for game systems for anything beyond that which you hold sole license on) or for SIEGE engine games (C&C, StarSiege, etc.).

4) try to use correct spelling and grammar - the fewer errors, the easier it is to produce quality.
5. MAKE SURE AND INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND INFO ON THE MATERIAL YOU SEND (i.e. IN the text)! It's amazing how many people forget to do this, and our editors have to spend time tracking down who the author is as the files get moved to different stages of production.

Who owns the material if it is accepted?
You do. Individual authors and artists who submit material and are accepted for The Domesday Book retain exclusive rights to their work, but should remember that if their work contains company or system specific material of another entity for which permission covers here, then those parts remain the Intellectual Property of the originator beyond the scope of this Society and its newsletter.

Where and How do I submit?
Submit, as the Guidelines above state, complete mss to the email below. Include your full name, contact info, common board name (VERY IMPORTANT) along with the full work or piece of art. Please do this on each individually if submitting multiple times for an issue.

What are the Deadlines?
The Deadlines for upcoming issues of The Domesday Book are:
Issue #5 (Fall/Early Winter 2009) 
JANUARY 2010 - Domesday Book moves to monthly e-Newsletter format.